How an EU grant can sort a global impact

How grants can facilitate the implementation of governmental policies: A great example!

2004 Ballast Water Management Convention in jeopardy

In 2009 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) was facing huge challenges for ratification and implementation of the 2004 Ballast Water Management Convention. Although important for the ecosystem and fishery industry the Ballast Water Management convention was not getting lifted:

  • There was a strong opposition from shipping
  • There was need for innovation for treatment of ballast water to meet the requirements
  • There was no technology available to track offenders and enforce the convention
  • The authorities had no idea how to implement the convention.

North Sea Ballast Water Opportunity Project to the rescue

Thus, ratification was nearly on a hold. With the support money from the Interreg the North Sea Ballast Water Opportunity Project helped to overcome these problems. The impact of the project was on innovation for treatment, testing and enforcement, awareness, transnational exchange of information and discussion on implementation between authorities. It facilitated the IMO and national authorities in the ratification and implementation of the convention not only in Europe, but worldwide. In this, the scope and impact of this Interreg project was unprecedented.

With the ratification of Finland in the second half of 2016 the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention can come into force in September 2017. Finland was one of the countries that utilized the outcomes of the North Sea Ballast Water Opportunity Project.

It shows: EU grants can help solve global challenges!

There are more challenges that can benefit from a similar support by an EU grant. Whether you are a company developing innovations that may solve such a challenge, a governmental or non governmental agency or a science institute that wishes to pick up a challenge, these programs are there to help you to make the difference. They are looking for solution on topics as:

  • Energy transition
  • Greening transport, reducing CO2, SOx, NO2 and Shoot emission
  • Reducing emission of toxic hydrocarbons
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Improving mobility

Amongst others, programs as Horizon Europe, Interreg, CEF-T and LIFE focus on helping to solve these global challenges. These programs hope to support the next idea that can help to face these challenges in a successful way!

If you have such an idea or challenge, let”s meet and see how we can make it into a success.

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