Changing sides: looking at science another way

Marlieke's career switch

My first day at Evers + Manders was one of mixed feelings. Next to the excitement and loads of new information, that day an article was published by the VU Amsterdam university magazine entitled: “We are giving up science”. I was interviewed for this article a few weeks earlier, but forgot to point out the title. I see it differently: I’m not giving up science, I’m changing sides. After years as a Cognitive Neuroscientist, obtaining two personal grants and having worked at many (inter)national universities, I will now switch to help my (now ex-) colleagues find funding for their research!

During my search for grant advising jobs, I encountered the vacancies of Evers + Manders. Their attractive vacancy text struck me: a social and organized company that advises on research funding with commitment and focus on content. I did wonder whether they could use an entrenched scientist like me and called Johan for more information. Now, a few months later, I am starting as their brand-new advisor Medical Technology and Innovation.

What attracts me in this job is the variability, the combination of strategy, planning, and writing effectively and convincingly. I am looking forward to advise scientists and researchers to systematically develop a primary research plan into an attractive and convincing grant proposal. Moreover, as grant consultant you are always at the forefront of development and innovation, a unique privilege. I cannot wait to further develop myself in this exciting and variable field. No, I’m definitely not giving up science!


Marlieke van Kesteren


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