ZonMw – Open Competition

Wetenschappelijke verdieping


The Open Competition grant of ZonMw is intended for research groups that aim to set up innovative and excellent research lines and collaborations. This funding scheme is primarily focused on scientific deepening and not on acquiring applicable insights or to develop products.


  • Free competition
  • Maximum €750,000
  • Options to add additional “modules” including for investment, maximum € 250,000
  • Between 4 and 5 years duration
  • Collaboration between research groups is important

Who can apply?

Researchers from:

  • Dutch universities
  • NWO and KNAW institutes
  • Dutch Cancer Institute
  • Other independent not-for-profit research institutes in the Netherlands. Free publication is an important prerequisite


  • Innovation, orginality, and impact.
  • Approach
  • Quality of project group
  • Insight in risks and success rate
  • Knowledge utilisation

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This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this grant agreement. No conclusions can be drawn on the basis of this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status.

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