Funding for Housing and Accommodation for Minority Groups

Woonwijk Nederland - RHA

The Dutch funding programme Regeling Huisvesting Aandachtsgroepen (RHA) can be applied for by Dutch municipalities. The scheme is intended to reduce the public financial deficit of municipalities that want to create additional housing and accommodation for groups of citizens who often have difficulty finding affordable housing within the existing market.

Such groups include migrant workers, status holders, homeless people, and students. The funding provided via the RHA encourages municipalities to build suitable and affordable housing and accommodation to meet their needs.

Target Group

All Dutch municipalities can apply for funding

Activities Eligible for Funding

The RHA offers funding for two types of buildings:

  • Residential buildings in the form of rental properties. The rent must not exceed the 2nd level of the treshold placed on rent benefits. In 2021, this limit was €678.66 per month.
  • Accommocation with a maximum rental price of €100 per person per week. These kinds of spaces can be used, for example, by migrant workers temporarily residing in the Netherlands.

There are three types of costs that are eligible for funding:

  • Costs for the creation of new-build residential buildings and accommodation
  • Cost for the conversion of existing buildings (for example office space) to residential buildings and accommodation
  • Costs for the improvement of the public space to the benefit of the newly created residential buildings and accommodation facilities. Here you may think of, for example, the construction of a bicycle shed, or even a park or green space. 


  • A maximum of €1 million in funding can be applied for per applicant. This is subject to a maximum of €5,000 per housing unit and €2,500 per accommodation unit. 
  • The funding percentage is 100%
  • The construction or conversion activities must start within 2 years after the funding has been awarded. The work should be completed within 5 years.
  • After completion, the residential buildings or accommodation facilities must be intended for the above-mentioned target groups for a period of at least 10 years.
  • If your project concerns the conversion of existing buildings, these may explicitly not concern buildings that already have a residential purpose.
  • If the realised residential buildings or accommodation facilities are part of a mixed project, the funding only applies to the part that is intended for the target groups described above.
  • It is not possible to combine the RHA with other sources of funding. However, the VAT may be offset against the Dutch VAT Compensation Fund.


  • The total budget for 2021 was €35,432,319. The new budget for 2022 is €37.100.00.


The programme is currently closed. A new call will open on 19 September 2022, and closes on 24 October 2022.

Are you planning to realise residential buildings or accommocation facilities that meet the requirements described above? Please contact us today to explore the possibilities.


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