FDW – Sustainable Water Fund

subsidie fonds duurzaam water

The Sustainable Water Fund (FDW), set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, strives to improve water safety and water security in developing countries. The fund’s ultimate goal is to contribute to economic growth, self-reliance and poverty reduction. Water safety and water security are complex themes that call for a joint approach. The FDW therefore stimulates public-private cooperation in the water sector.

Target audiences and objectives of the Sustainable Water Fund

On the one hand, the programme focuses on transition countries that are moving from receiving development aid towards trade. Furthermore, the Sustainable Water Fund offers important opportunities to developing countries. Cooperation with local partners from the target countries is an important factor.

The FDW is interesting to cooperative alliances of government parties, businesses and NGOs or knowledge institutes. Activities must focus on one of the themes:

  • Improved access to drinking water and sanitary facilities
  • Efficient and sustainable use of water, particularly in agriculture
  • Safe deltas and improved catchment areas.

Conditions, characteristics and figures

  • Budget: 30 million euros per tender
  • Cooperation between at least three parties (one public, one private and one NGO), at least one of which is from the Netherlands and one from a target country included on the list.
  • Consortium, consisting of at least one public institution, one business and one NGO. The participation of a knowledge institute is desirable. At least one party from the Netherlands and one from a target country.
  • Activities must take place in one of the target countries included on the list.
  • Subsidy: €500,000 to €3,000,000
  • Duration: a maximum of seven years
  • Next deadline: February 2018

Examples of projects funded with the Sustainable Water Fund

Egypt: Reduced Flood Probability and Impact
Ethiopia: Source to Tap and Back
Ethiopia: Duurzame watervoorziening in Harar
Mozambique: Sustainable Water Services Beira
Philippines: Sustainable and resilient pro-poor water supply, Cebu


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