DHI, Demonstration projects, Feasibility- and Investment preparation studies, is a grant scheme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the aim to:

  • stimulate and encourage Dutch companies to successfully do international business in developed and developing countries and emerging markets

Target groups and objectives DHI

The DHI consists of three parts:

  • Demonstration projects
    These are about demonstrating a technology, capital good or service in one of the DHI countries, to demonstrate to multiple parties that the demonstrated local works and is effective and cost-effective. The project itself should not be about export, but should promote export opportunities.
  • Feasibility studies
    A potential customer in one of the DHI countries indicates in a letter of intent that he wants to invest in Dutch technology, capital goods or services. First, the customer wants to explore with the Dutch company whether this investment is technically and financially feasible. The (local) market has already been sufficiently researched and the technology has already been proven. The study may lead to export to the target country.
  • Investment preparation studies
    Your company wants to investigate whether an investment in one of the DHI countries is technically and financially feasible. Based on an investment preparation study, you decide to actually invest and obtain financing for this investment. The investment preparation study will result in a business plan.

Conditions, characteristics and key figures


  • The budget for 2021 is € 4 million for DGGF countries* and also € 4 million for other countries.
  • The DHI scheme is a tender programme.
  • Project cost should be at least € 50,000 (meaning requested funding should comprise at least €25,000).
  • DHI is open to all countries, with the exception of the Netherlands and sanctioning countries.
  • For DGGF countries*, the development relevance component is important for the application.
  • The expected impact is a size of the export related to the amount of grant.
  • Submission deadline: throughout 31 December 2021, 17:00 hrs.

Per item

  Demonstration Feasability investment preparation studies
Maximum duration 3 years 2 years 2 years
Maximum grant € 200,000 € 100,000 € 100,000
Grant rate 50% 50% 50%
Impact (export volume)   Within three years: 10 x grant amount Within three years: 10 x grant amount Within 3 years: 10 x grant amount(does not apply to DGGF countries*)

*DGGF: Dutch Good Growth Fund

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