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The objective of the Perspectief program is to stimulate research that combines excellent science with concrete applications of the research results. Through a multi disciplinary approach a new (key)technology is developed that contributes to the economic opprtunities for the Netherlands. Calls for Perspectief proposals may vary from year to year in terms of budget and conditions.

Perspectief focuses on comprehensive research rather than single research projects. A programme is constructed from a coherent set of separate parts that all contribute to achieving the programme objectives. In the Perspectief round 2021/2022, applicants can choose to shape their programme in two ways: one total package with work packages, or a coherent bundle of projects. Based on the design variant, co-financing, decision and cooperation agreement are arranged on a total level or per project.

Target Group

  • Multidisciplinary consortia of scientific research groups and ‘users’. Users represent the (entire) valorisation and innovation chain and can apply the research results.
  • Main applicant is a researcher at a university, university medical centre, or NWO-recognised knowledge institution.
  • One or two user representatives as co-leaders for the programme.
  • Consortia are encouraged to cooperate with a TO2 institution or school of higher education (HBO) where relevant. Please note: If the TO2 institution participates as a co-applicant, these activities may only relate to industrial research.
  • Total costs of the HBO institutes and TO2 institutes may not exceed 20% of the NWO contribution.
  • Researchers who take part in the consortium may not have a zero hou contract.


  • Within Perspectief, coherence of activities is more important than in other schemes. The programmatic added value has to be clearly demonstrated.
  • Scientific quality (50%) and utilisation (50%) are equally weighted in the assessment of the programme design (Phase 2) and programme proposal (Phase 3).
  • The research proposal must be in line with at least one of the knowledge and innovation agendas (KIAs) of the Mission-driven Innovation Policy.
  • The proposal must use at least one of the key technologies defined by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


  • Budget 2021-2022: €22,8 million
  • The maximum amount of the NWO contribution to a programme varies from call to call, but is in the range of 1.5 – 4 M€. 
  • For personnel costs, the NWO standard rates apply for universities and NWO and KNAW institutes. For HBO and TO2 institutes, the integral rates according to the Governmental Tariffs Manual apply. Other directly attributable costs are reimbursed at 100%.
  • No funding can be obtained for permanent university staff, with the exception of non-scientific staff with necessary and special expertise


  • Due to the financial position of many companies/organisations through COVID-19, 7,5% cash co-financing is required for the 2021/2022 round instead of the usual 15%
  • Total mandatory co-financing is 30% of the total programme cost
  • The co-financing rate for TO2 institutions has been reduced from 50% to 30%

Intellectual property

For agreements about intellectual property and other project agreements the NWO model agreement should be used. Parties can use the standard text or make their own agreements. In the latter case the agreement must be submitted to NWO within six months of the grant being awarded.


  • Phase 1

Deadline for programme initiative applications: 19 October 2021

  • Phase 2

Deadline for submission of draft programme: 23 November 2021

  • Phase 3

Deadline for submission of detailed programme proposal: 17 Mai 2022





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This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this subsidy scheme. No conclusions can be drawn from this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status. 

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