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NWO TTW Perspectief - onderzoeksprojecten


A Perspective project must contribute to the creation of economic opportunities (economic impact, business activity) within the four societal themes and key technologies from the Dutch mission-driven innovation policy. These four key themes are:

  • Energy Transition and Sustainability
  • Agriculture, Water and Food
  • Health and Care
  • Security

Projects focus on the development of excellent scientific knowledge, and use this knowledge to develop new technology with concrete applications and societal impact. There is a strong focus on multidisciplinarity, intensive and sustainable cooperation between chain parties, and the creation of internationally outstanding positions for the Netherlands. Besides technology development, related activities can also be part of the project, e.g. social, ethical and/or cultural aspects.


The consortium of a Perspective project consists of research groups and “users”. Users represent the valorisation and innovation chain and can use the research results. A user party is (closely) involved in the execution of the research and/or knowledge exploitation, but does not have to be a co-financier.

At least three Dutch knowledge institutions must participate, with a well-balanced distribution of activities and requested subsidy. TO2 institutions and universities of applied sciences can be part of the consortium, and in the 2022/2023 round there are additional opportunities for these parties to have an appropriate role.

Grant and co-funding

The maximum amount of NWO contribution to a programme varies from call to call, but is in the order of 1.5 – 4 M€. The maximum duration of the proposed project is 6 years. An important change compared to previous Perspective rounds is that a maximum of 5% can be used for project management and a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 20% for knowledge utilisation.

The obligatory in-cash co-financing for the 2022/2023 round is 15%. In addition, at least 30% of the total project costs per project should be covered by co-financing from users (in cash and/or in kind contributions). Co-financiers should always have an interest as users of the knowledge and apply research results outside science.


Within Perspective, coherence of activities weighs more heavily than in other schemes and added value must be clearly demonstrated. Scientific quality (50%) and utilisation (50%) weigh equally in the assessment of programme design (Phase 2) and programme proposal (Phase 3).



  • Letter of Intent: 11 October 2022
  • Pre-registration: 15 November 2022
  • Full application: 16 May 2023


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This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this subsidy scheme. No conclusions can be drawn from this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status. 

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