NWO – TTW Partnership

NWO -TTW - Partnership

With the NWO – TTW Partnership, companies and organizations can submit a research question to the Dutch universities. With this, NWO wants to stimulate application-oriented scientific research: research that excels and offers concrete application possibilities.

Target group

The primary target group for the Partnership programme is the Dutch business community and organizations with a concrete research question for the Dutch universities. Ultimately, researchers can apply for money from Dutch universities or NWO/KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) institutes.


An NWO – TTW Partnership process starts with the private or public party. They are the problem holder and want to invest in scientific research. Together with NWO, possibly supported by a party such as Evers + Manders Grant Advisers, the programme idea is developed into a program text. NWO then organizes an open competition in which the best proposals from the Dutch academic world are ultimately awarded. The selection is based on scientific excellence and applicability of the results and, of course, the match with the programme.

In brief:

  • Programme idea comes from the initiators
  • NWO and initiators draw up a program
  • NWO organizes an open competition
  • Research groups submit proposals
  • NWO and promoters select the best proposals


A Partnership programme has a size of at least € 3 million. Of this, 50% is invested by the initiators and 50% by the NWO. The initiators cannot, therefore, receive any money from the scheme. Researchers (usual consortia of researchers) can then, depending on the choices made within the programme, apply for € 500,000 to € 750,000 per proposal. The individual proposals within the programme are comparable to projects within the NWO – Open Technology Programme. The maximum contribution of NWO is € 1,5 million.


The NWO – TTW Partnership program does not work with deadlines. Initiators can contact NWO at any time to explain their plans.


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This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this subsidy scheme. No conclusions can be drawn from this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status.

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