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The Summit Grant provides 10 years of structural funding for existing scientific consortia, which have proven to be or have the potential to be absolute world leaders. The Summit Grant promotes collaborative research of exceptional quality, enabling major breakthroughs: significant shifts, advances or insights in relation to existing ideas and methods, conceptual frameworks, tools or techniques. The grants are intended for the entire spectrum of science and diverse range of disciplines. Boards of knowledge institutes can each nominate up to two consortia. A consortium consists of at least four researchers from one or more disciplines.


The budget for the 2022/2023 round is €188 million. and 6-7 applications are expected to be awarded, each between €15-40 million. Funding can be requested for direct costs of the research programme or the organisation of the consortium. This includes personnel and material facilities, investment in equipment/infrastructure and other facilities (max 25%), and management costs for the consortium.


The applications are assessed based on the quality of the consortium (pre-registration 80%, full application 20%) and research programme and vision (pre-registration 20%, full application 80%).


Pre-registration: 20 June 2023
Full appplication: 23 January 2024




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This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this subsidy scheme. No conclusions can be drawn from this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status.

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