NWO – Rubicon


The Rubicon is a funding instrument that is aimed at early career scientists that have recently obtained their PhD (until 1 year after PhD date). With this individual fellowship, they can gain valuable research experience at a foreign top institute of their choosing.


  • Researcher obtained PhD no longer than 1 year ago or did not yet obtain PhD but thesis is approved
  • Individual fellowship
  • Preferably the fellowship is intended for a foreign research project. Projects in the Netherlands are only possible if it concerns a proven specific Dutch topic

Wat can be applied for?

  • Minimally 12 months, maximally 24 months of research money:
    • Salary
    • Travel costs
    • Research costs (to a limited extent)


  • Four windows:
    • Science (ENS).
    • Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).
    • Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES).
    • Health Research and Medical Sciences (ZonMw).


  • Quality of the researcher.
  • Quality of the proposal.
  • Quality of the host institution.
  • Knowledge utilisation.

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This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this grant agreement. No conclusions can be drawn on the basis of this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status.


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