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dataverzamelingen en wetenschappelijk onderzoek

NWO invests in high-quality equipment and data collections to support and stimulate scientific research in the Netherlands. The international position is of great importance in this respect. This includes the specific equipment needed by Dutch research institutions, but also enabling access to equipment abroad.

There are three ways to access the NOW’s assistance in the support and purchase of, or access to, large research facilities:

  • NWO institutes: These provide access for both Dutch and foreign researchers and also develop new instruments.
  • Various financing instruments for universities, knowledge institutes, and libraries for the purchase of high-quality equipment.
  • National strategy formation set out by the Permanent National Committee for Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure.

NWO Institutes

NWO-I (Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research Institutes) manages nine national research institutes in various fields of research: AMOLF, ARCNL, ASTRON, CWI, DIFFER, Nikhef, NIOZ, NSCR, and SRON. NWO institutes generate knowledge and solutions with both scientific and social impact.


NWO grants for large research facilities:

  • Integrated Ocean Discovery Programme (IODP)
  • Computing Time on National Computer Facilities

DUBBLE is temporarily closed, whereas the other two grants can currently be applied for.


NWO grants for large investments:

  • Use of NCO-datafile in PhD Research
  • Investment Grant NWO-Scientific Infrastructure: Nation Consortia
  • National Roadmap Large-scale Research Infrastructure
  • Gravity

Permanent National Committee

The permanent National Committee for Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure identifies available research facilities, as well as the current demand for such facilities in the Netherlands. They take into account Dutch research facilities, but also access to facilities abroad. Based on this analysis, the committee will draw up a roadmap for large-scale scientific infrastructure in the Netherlands. This roadmap forms the foundation for the resources made available by NWO, as described above.

Target Group

  • Dutch Universities
  • Knowledge Institutes
  • Libraries
  • Universities of Applied Sciences

Conditions and Eligible Costs

The conditions, eligible costs, and co-financing rules differ per NWO grant.


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