NWO – Key Technologies

NWO- sleuteltechnologieen

The NWO grant programme Key Technologies finances fundamental and application-oriented research into innovative and ground-breaking technologies within the following 8 clusters:

  • Chemical Technologies;
  • Digital Technologies;
  • Engineering and Fabrication Technologies;
  • Photonics and Light Technologies;
  • Advanced Materials;
  • Quantum Technologies;
  • Life Science Technologies;
  • Nanotechnologies.

The programme has the following four main objectives:

  • To develop scientific excellence and resultant technologies of relevance to business and society via a multidisciplinary approach;
  • Building intensive and lasting collaborative relationships between knowledge institutions, businesses, and civil society organisations;
  • Increased coherence in research into thematic areas and key technologies that are relevant to the Netherlands in order to enhance the competitive position of Dutch industry and knowledge infrastructure; and
  • Promote the valorisation of the developed knowledge by (end) users.

The total budget comprises €11 million. As indicated below, the application procedure takes place via 3 stages. 


  • Maximum duration of 6 years.

Who Can Apply?

  • 1 main applicant + 1 or multiple co-applicants.
  • At least 2 co-financiers.
  • Knowledge institutes, private and/or public partners.

Eligible Costs

  • €750,000 and max. €2.5 million per project.
  • Max. 70% of the project costs are eligible (the remaining 30% should be co-financed).
  • The following financing modules are available:
    • Personnel costs;
    • Material costs;
    • Investments;
    • Knowledge utilisation;
    • Internationalisation;
    • Money follows Cooperation;
    • Project management.


The application takes place in 3 stages: First, a form must be completed, in the form of an appropriateness statement. This will be used to determine whether the project is eligible for a pre-proposal. Subsequently, this is followed by a full application. This programme is currently closed.


For both pre-proposals and full applications, the following 3 evaluation criteria apply:

  • Quality of the research
  • Quality of the consortium
  • Scientific/societal impact.


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