UIA – Urban Innovative Actions

Urban Innovative Actions UIA

No future calls are envisaged under the UIA. The European Commission provides for a new instrument: the European Urban Initiative (EUI). Information on this instrument are to be expected soon!

The Urban Innovative Actions – UIA initiative aims to find and test new solutions to sustainable urban development issues relevant to the whole European Union.

The UIA initiative aims to give cities across Europe the space and resources to try out bold and unconventional ideas for tackling interrelated challenges. Experimentation will show how these solutions work in the complex reality.

Projects must be innovative and of good quality. But they must also be designed and implemented in consultation with key stakeholders and must be result-oriented and transferable, and must also provide a sustainable solution.

Themes fifth call

  • Air quality
  • Circular economy
  • Demographic change
  • Culture and cultural heritage


  • Minimum 1 million max. € 5 million ERDF per application.
  • 80% of eligible costs
  • Duration: max. 3 years

Terms and conditions

Applicant: Urban authority or association or group of urban authorities with at least 50,000 inhabitants.


  • Urban authority, lead applicant: legally and financially responsible overall management and implementation
  • Partner organizations: any organization with a legal entity that has a logical role in the project. Examples: knowledge institution, association, foundation, etc.

Assessment criteria:

  • Innovativeness
  • Partnership
  • Measurability
  • Transmissibility
  • Quality of the project proposal

Eligible costs:

  • Personnel costs
  • Office / administration costs
  • Travel/accommodation expenses
  • External expertise and services
  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure and construction work
  • Preparation costs


The procedure has three phases:

  • Admission check: it is checked whether the applications submitted meet the admission criteria.
  • Strategic assessment: a committee of external experts evaluates the applications against the four criteria mentioned above. Applications that score above a certain threshold are eligible for the final phase of the selection process.
  • Operational assessment: this is where the quality of the application is checked.

Here you will find an example of a successful UIA application.


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The purpose of this summary is to provide a quick insight into the purpose, structure and conditions of the subsidy programme (as known on: 4-12-2018). No conclusions can be drawn from this and no rights can be derived from it.

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