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The (manufacturing) industry of the aerospace, maritime and automotive sectors is suffering heavily from the consequences of the corona crisis. As a result, turnover has fallen sharply and investments in research and development projects have come under severe pressure. Yet, projects within these sectors are of vital importance, amongst other things, for the transition towards climate-neutral mobility.

Does your company operate within the above mentioned sectors and are precisely these kind of projects experiencing pressure? Then you may qualify for the R&D Mobility Sectors (RDM) scheme. This grant is aimed at (manufacturing) companies, including SMEs. In order to apply, your research must be focused on pilot projects in which the national government can serve as a launching customer, or on demonstrations by private parties that are financed by the EU corona recovery fund (this, however, will be implemented by the next Dutch government).


  • Maintaining and improving the competitive position of Dutch companies in the automotive, aviation and maritime sectors
  • Repairing the negative economic consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic
  • Contributing to the social objectives related to sustainability and digitalisation. Such contributions must involve industrial research or experimental development relevant to these sectors.

Roadmaps have been drawn up for the background to outline the future of the R&D mobility sectors, focussing on:

  • alternative fuels
  • automation (decision support, autonomous driving/boating, diagnostic maintenance)
  • modular construction

Target Group

  • Aviation, maritime and automotive sectors (mobility sectors)


  • The partnership cmprises at least two participants, of which at least one is a company. The participants should not be part of the same group;
  • The coordinator of the partnership is a company;
  • Knowledge institutions, such as TO2 institutes and universities, can be involved via public-private partnerships;
  • Industrial research and/or experimental development is preferably carried out by a large consortium;
  • Projects have a minimum size of € 5 million in eligible costs;
  • The grant comprises a minimum of € 125,000 per participant and a maximum of € 15 million;
  • Maximum: € 25 million per mobility project;
  • The project starts within 2 months after the grant has been awarded;
  • Projects have a duration of max. 4 years and are in line with designated research themes and objectives.

Grant Rates

  • 45% of eligible costs, provided costs relate to the industrial research performed by a company;
  • 25% of eligible costs, provided costs relate to the experimental development of a company;
  • +10%, if the applicant is a medium-sized or small enterprise (SME);
  • +15%, if the project involves at least 1 SME or research organisation and results are widely disseminated.

Eligible Costs

  • Staff (full time, 50% surcharge or €60.00 / hour lump sum);
  • Consumables;
  • Apparatus and equipment on depreciation basis;
  • Third party costs.


  • Tender;
  • Distribution in order of ranking;
  • Contribution to the objectives of the grant programme;
  • Quality of the project;
  • Innovation compared to the state of the art;
  • Impact on the sector:
    • Quality of the partnership;
    • Reaching across the entire value chain and various sectors;
  • Impact on the market and breadth of scope.


This scheme is currently closed.


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