Innovation Credit

Er zijn subsidieregelingen op nationaal, internationaal en regionaal niveau

The Dutch government does not only offer grants; it also provides credit to innovative organisations. The Innovation Credit finances the development of new products, processes or services with a rock-solid business case. In general, entrepreneurs often struggle to acquire funds from banks and private investors for this kind of project. The innovation credit is subject to interest and must be repaid after the project has been completed. If the project fails in a technical sense, the credit may be waived.

Objectives and target audiences Innovation credit

The innovation credit is intended for entrepreneurs or cooperative alliances of entrepreneurs who are looking for financing for technical development projects or clinical development projects. The credit focuses on development projects that are close to their market introduction and can start bringing in revenue soon. In addition to a solid project plan, the programme also calls for substantiation of the business case and convincing financing.

Conditions, characteristics and figures

  • Credit for technical and clinical development projects
  • Credit percentages between 25 and 50%, depending on the size of the organisation and whether it concerns a cooperative alliance
  • Interest rate (order of magnitude): 7% for technical development projects or 10% for clinical development projects.

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