Horizon Europe Programs

Horizon Europe is the largest funding programme in Europe and will run from 2021 until 2027. The structure of the programme has changed compared with its predecessor, Horizon 2020. Horizon Europe consists of three pillars, each with its own focus area and work programmes. More information on the work programmes will become available shortly.

Pillar 1: Excellent Science

The primary goal of this pillar is to allow science in Europe to both maintain and reach top level. Furthermore, the programme aims to make Europe an attractive location for world-renowned researchers. This pillar includes the following instruments:

Pillar 2: Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness

Pillar 2 focuses on the major challenges facing the EU, and the world in general. Amongst others, these challenges have been identified in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The challenges have been classified into six clusters:

  1. 1. Health
  2. 2. Culture, creativity and inclusive society
  3. 3. Civilian security for society
  4. 4. Digital, industry and space
  5. 5. Climate, energy and mobility
  6. 6. Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment

For each of these clusters, annual work programmes will be published with specific themes, for which proposals can be submitted.

Pillar 3: Innovative Europe

The third pillar of Horizon Europe aims to strengthen the EU’s competitive position through innovation. It comprises the following instruments:

  • European Innovation Council: Grants for the development and demonstration of technologies that respond to major societal challenges. These challenges are published in separate calls.
  • EIC Fellowships, Challenges and Procurement (no information available yet)
  • European Innovation Ecosystems
  • European Institute of Innovation and Technology

The latter two programmes are of interest to European innovation systems and technology institutes.


EU Missions Programme

The EU Missions are new to the Horizon Europe programme. They are intended to find solutions to the most pressing social problems of our time and must be realised before 2030. There are five Missions in total:

  • Climate: a climate-resilient Europe
  • Cancer: at least 3 million extra survivors and patients with better quality of life
  • Cities: at least 100 climate neutral cities
  • Oceans: restoration and regeneration of marine and freshwater ecosystems
  • Soil: 75% of European soil is healthy and ecosystem services have been restored

In the coming years, several calls will be published for each mission. The first calls within the missions Oceans and Climate are already open, with a deadline of 12 April 2022. 

Previously, we wrote a blog about the 5 Missions of Horizon Europe.



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