SOW – Grant Scheme for Support District Nursing

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The Grant Scheme for The Support of Community Nursing (SOW) gives care organisations a financial boost to initiate improvement processes. This can be done in collaboration with other healthcare institutions that provide district nursing and with chain partners such as general practitioners, paramedics, and municipalities.


The scheme supports 9 different types of improvement pathways:

  • a. Improving the expertise of district nursing teams through intervision
  • b. Improve collaboration between district nursing teams
  • c. More cooperation in the chain
  • d. Improving clients’ self-reliance and self-direction
  • e. Reducing administrative burdens
  • f. Improving basic ICT infrastructure
  • g. Putting new technologies into use
  • h. Setting up and executing a trainee program for new hbo nurses
  • i. Supervising new nurses and carers in the organisation

Eligible costs

The grant amounts to 30% to 75% of the total costs, depending on the activities

The costs that are eligible for subsidy are:

  • Personnel costs
  • Material costs (not under a)
  • Other costs (not under a)


The grant for the activities under a to i amounts to a minimum of € 25,000 and a maximum of € 250,000 per activity. The grant for activities under g amounts to a maximum of €25,000. The grant for activity h amounts to a minimum of €25,000 and a maximum of €200,000

  • The SOW is currently closed.


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