VEKI – Accelerated Climate Investment in Industry

Veki en industrie

The Topsector Energy stimulates the investments of industrial companies that contribute to the cost-effective reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands. This support is provided via the VEKI (Accelerated Climate Investment in Industry) grant scheme. The scheme is aimed towards investments in proven techniques. This means that the operation of technologies has been demonstrated at least three times in the Netherlands. 



ThemeDescriptionGrant rate
Energy efficiencyLess energy consumption within (the production process of) the company.30% compared to a less environmentally friendly reference investment
Recycling and reuse of wasteThe investment goes beyond the current state of technology and the waste is produced by other companies. Emphasis is placed on mattresses, furniture, textiles, and plastics. Excluded are uses of these materials as fuel, filling material, or energy recovery.35% compared to a less environmentally friendly reference investment
Local infrastructureInfrastructure tailored to the needs of undertakings that can be identified prior to the start of the project.50% if the grant is less than, or equal to, the sum, including investment costs and operating profit
Other CO2-reducing measuresIncrease environmental protection.40% compared to a less environmentally friendly reference investment
  • Regarding grant rates, for all projects, 10% more funding can be obtained by small enterprises and 20% more by medium-sized enterprises.

Important Elements

Only proven techniques are eligible. It is important to note that the VEKI only applies to projects within the following SBI codes:

  • SBI code C: Production of material goods, in which raw materials are processed and a high degree of mechanisation and automation is achieved.
  • SBI code D: Energy distribution.
  • SBI code E: Treatment of waste and wastewater.

This scheme concerns investments made by individual companies in the industry. The company must be the end user or remain the owner of the investment. In addition to being an investor, the applicant must be, and remain, the owner of the investment, also if the end product is subject to financial lease. This concerns investments in the applicant’s own business operations.


  • The assets must have a payback period of more than five years.
  • The financing of the company’s own share of the project cost must be in place.
  • The measure must go beyond European Union standards.
  • Investments must comply with the General Block Exemption Regulation, respectively Articles 38, 47, 56, and 36 for the above subjects.
  • The project may not have started before the submission of the grant application.


  • The scheme opens 15 March and closes 9 January 2024
  • The total budget is €138 Million
  • Minimum funding is €30,000 for SME’s and €125,000 for large companies
  • Maximum grant amounts to €15 miljoen

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This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this subsidy scheme. No conclusions can be drawn from this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status.

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