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Climate change affects all aspects of our society. Are you developing an innovative technology that can save CO2?  The innovation policy of the Top Sector Energy and the associated grant schemes focus on reducing COemissions and reducing the costs of sustainable energy generation. Your development may therefore qualify for funding.


The table below gives an overview of the most important grant schemes of the Top Sector Energy.

SchemeKey objectiveGrant for
HER+ - Renewable Energy RegulationCost reduction of technologies eligible for SDE++ and for capturing CO2Industrial research (IO), experimental development (EO) and demonstration (Demo).
Application no later than 2030.
Submission of applications "first-come-first-serve".
DEI+ Demonstration Energy and Climate InnovationDevelopment and demonstration of technologies for reducing CO2 emissions not eligible for SDE++Grant for first commercial scale application.
* Energy efficiency
* Renewable energy including spatial integration
* Flexibilisation of the energy system including hydrogen
* Local infrastructure
* Circular economy
* CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage)
* Other CO2-reducing measures
* Natural gas-free homes, neighbourhoods and buildings.

First-come-first-serve" applications
TSE Industry R&DStimulating innovative pilots and demonstrationsGrant for feasibility study.
* Closing industrial chains
* A CO2-free industrial heat system
* Maximum electrification and radically renewed processes
* CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage)
* Other CO2-reducing measures
VEKI - Accelerated Climate Investment in IndustryEncourage investment in CO2-saving measures by companies in main groups C, D and E of the standard business classification *.Grant for investments in CO2-saving measures with proven effect and a payback period of more than 5 years.
* Energy efficiency
* Recycling and reuse of waste
* Local infrastructure
* Other CO2-reducing measures
MOOI - Mission-driven Research, Development, and InnovationStimulate development of integrated solutions at system levelGrant for industrial research, experimental development.
* Electricity
* Built environment
* Industry

Projects must include all aspects (technical and non-technical) that determine the success of the solution.
Tender with mandatory pre-notification. 

The grant rate varies from 25% to 80% of the eligible costs and depends on the type of research (IO, EO or Demo), the type of company (SME, large enterprise or research organisation) and the technology area (environmental protection, energy saving or additional energy from renewable sources).

The table gives an overview of grants from the national government, but there are also European, provincial and municipal grants. For investments that lead to CO2 emission reduction, in certain cases EIA, MIA and/or Vamil can also be applied for.

Do you have an innovative idea or are you involved in a project that generates, saves or otherwise makes a positive climate contribution? Contact us today to explore the funding possibilities. We are happy to help you!

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