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TKI Nieuw Gas

In 2021, the TKI New Gas of the Top Sector Energy published a new grant programme that is specifically aimed at the development of innovative hydrogen technology.

The overarching aim is to support technology that will enable the successful development of hydrogen chains, and that will produce results in the short term—that is, within 3-5 years. Examples of the desired results include significantly lower investment and/or operational costs, higher efficiency, wider applications, reduced use of scarce materials, and reduced spatial impact. The following themes are covered by the programme: 

  • Measuring and analysing hydrogen
  • Decentralised production of hydrogen via electrolysis
  • Compression, cleaning, drying, cooling, and odorisation of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Fuel cell technology
  • Hydrogen burner technology

Who Can Apply?

This programme is open to consortia comprising at least one company and one recognised research institute. Currently, this programme is closed.

Budget and Eligible Costs

  • Total budget: € 3,000,000
  • Max. budget per project: € 250,000
  • Eligible costs:
    • 50% for industrial research; and
    • 25% for experimental development.

Evaluation Criteria

The following four criteria apply when assessing the application:

  • Contribution to improved performance that is in great demand, or improvement of the current standard
  • Innovation potential
  • Probability of success in the Dutch and international market and society
  • Quality of project plan and consortium


The application process consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1: Expression of interest
  • Phase 2: Full application + budget



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