SDS – Sustainable Shipbuilding Grant Scheme

SDS Subsidieregeling Duurzame Scheepsbouw

The purpose of the SDS is to stimulate innovative sustainability in shipbuilding. The SDS is aimed at the acceleration of the market introduction of innovative, experimental shipbuilding and ship conversion technologies that contribute to sustainable development in the field of emission reduction, noise reduction, sustainable life cycle or shipping activities. The SDS is intended for Dutch shipyards. One shipyard may submit several applications.


  • Grant rate: 25% of eligible costs.
  • Maximum grant: € 1,250,000
  • Project duration: up to 3 years
  • Start of application period: 16 May 2023
  • End of application period: 6 September 2023

Which Projects Are Eligible?

  • Projects should aim at experimental development of new or improved ones:
    • Vessels (seagoing or inland waterway vessels with a gross weight exceeding 100 tonnes, for the transport of passengers or freight, or for the performance of special services, excluding fishing vessels. Tugboats with a minimum power of 365 kW are also allowed.)
    • New floating and moving offshore structures
    • New parts of a ship or a floating and moving offshore construction

These can be commercial prototypes or pilots that can be used for validation and demonstration of the innovation.

  • Projects must also contribute to sustainable development in one or more of the following areas:
    • emission reduction through reduction of energy consumption, use of alternative fuels or post-treatment of emissions
    • reduction of ship-related noise, e.g. reduction of engine or propeller noise from moving vessels
    • sustainable life cycle, e.g. recycling of materials or parts of products, modular design and shipbuilding
    • sustainable deployability, e.g. technical innovations can lead to more safety on board a ship for the crew or higher operational efficiency

Terms and Conditions

  • There is no existing contract between the applicant and a sponsor/customer prior to submission of an application.
  • There is added value for the Dutch economy
  • Within 13 weeks of the award decision, the applicant can demonstrate the following:
    • The project has started
    • There is a contract between the sponsor/customer and the grant recipient/applicant for the construction or reconstruction of a ship, or for the construction of a floating and moving offshore construction as part of a shipbuilding innovation project.
    • The sponsor/customer has made one or more payments for the execution of the activities described in the contract.
    • There is an impact on the environment

Download the leaflet with the most important features of the SDS by clicking on the image below.

Leaflet Subsidieregeling Duurzame Scheepsbouw



This factsheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this grant scheme (as known on 10-01-2022). Based on this information no conclusions should be drawn. In addition, this document has no legal status. 


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