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CEF-T stands for Connecting Europe Facility Transport and focuses on connecting and improving Europe’s transport network. To this end, a Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T) has been established. This network covers transport routes across roads, railways, waterways (inland and sea) and aviation. The TEN-T network is divided into two categories: the core network and the comprehensive network.

CEF-T works with two programmes:

  • The Multi-Annual programme that focuses on predefined sections of the core network
  • The Annual programme that mainly focuses on the comprehensive network.

Furthermore, CEF-T offers the Cohesion Fund for activities in Europe’s periphery.

The theme of innovation is an important aspect of these programmes in order to make transport cleaner and more efficient. This part of the programme offers excellent opportunities for Dutch businesses to bring their innovative products onto the market during study projects with real-life pilots and implementation projects.

Target audiences of CEF-Transport

CEF-T is mainly interesting to two Dutch groups:

  • Governments and engineering agencies
    Development of the core and comprehensive network is mainly important for governments and network managers, both centralised and decentralised. These governments will often have to bring in external knowledge during the preparatory stage, which may be of interest to engineering agencies.
  • Innovative business
    To make efficient and responsible use of the networks, innovation is required. This can take the form of software that improves the flow of traffic. It can also be done by improving the connections between the flow of goods and people from different modalities. These funds can also be used to partially finance environmental improvements or initial implementations of innovations.

Conditions, characteristics and figures

  • €26 billion euros in the period between 2014 – 2020
  • Mainly intended for major projects
  • Aimed at infrastructure and the market introduction of innovation
  • Call for proposals are published in the fall, the next call is expected in 2016-2017
  • 30 or 50% subsidy of direct costs
  • Applications can be submitted until 22 March 2021, 17.00 h.

Examples of projects granted by CEF-T

CEF-T Sustainable multimodal transport chain

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