CBE JU – Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking

CBE JU Sustainable Industry

The new CBE JU programme is the successor to the BBI JU (Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking). The programme covers the period 2021-2031 and has a total budget of €2 billion. Funding is provided by the European Union and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). CBE JU thus combines state support and investments from the industry itself.

As with the previous programme, the main objective of CBE JU is to provide funding for projects dealing with advanced, circular, bio-based industries. The transition from fossil fuels, raw materials and minerals to circular, bio-based alternatives is central. The programme thus aims to contribute to the European Green Deal, and also to achieving a climate-neutral Europe in 2050. The creation of more jobs and economic growth is also an important focus—after all, viable bio-based alternatives must be both environmentally friendly and competitive.

The three primary goals of CBE JU are:

  • Accelerating and further developing bio-based innovations;
  • Accelerating market uptake of existing bio-based alternatives;
  • Making bio-based industrial systems more environmentally friendly.

Who Can Apply?

The grants within this programme are intended for all actors that are part of bio-based industries—from scientists to farmers. Consortia contribute to solving challenges within the sector. These challenges can be technological in nature, but regulatory and market obstacles can also be addressed. Cooperation with the entire value chain is an important criterion for the consortia.


  • The CBE-JU call 2023 opens 26 April 2023 and closes 20 September 2023
  • The budget for this call is €215.5 miljoen.

Based on our experience with the previous BBI JU programme, however, we are keen to provide advice and discuss with you the opportunities and challenges for successful consortium formation and project definitions.

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