Grant Programs

Er zijn subsidieregelingen op nationaal, internationaal en regionaal niveau

Anyone who has to deal with grants for the first time quickly becomes entangled in the enormous number of regulations. There are grant schemes for various themes at international, European, national and regional level.

Schemes come, change, are temporarily unavailable, are first come, first serve, go through the tender principle, or sometimes disappear altogether.
At Evers + Manders, we keep a close eye on all these developments. We like to take our clients by the hand to find their way through the forest of possibilities and take care of them from start to finish.

Energy and Climate Programs

Nothing is more topical than energy, energy sources, energy transition and (the consequences for) the climate. For this reason alone, the large number of grant schemes in the field of energy and climate are not surprising. We have compiled a selection of the most important subsidy schemes for you.

Horizon Europe Programs

For all those who want to take the European Union and themselves a step forwards in a European context in terms of innovation, there is Horizon Europe. This programme focuses on research, development and innovation and supports the entire innovation chain with the aim of promoting innovation. Under this umbrella programme you will find a number of programmes that we would like to explain in more detail.

Innovation Programs

International innovation projects in a wide range of fields are supported through grant schemes, but support is also sometimes provided through the provision and receipt of credit. Examples are projects led by innovative and R&D-driven SME’s, which sometimes also look beyond regional boundaries. But also issues in sustainable urban development, relevant for the entire European Union, where solutions can be found and tried out can be supported. We have identified a number of important grant schemes in the field of innovation.

NWO and ZonMw Programs

NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, funds excellent scientific research and research collaboration between universities and companies. NWO also provides personal funding to excellent researchers.

ZonMw stimulates health research and care innovation within the entire innovation cycle. This ranges from fundamental research to the implementation of new treatments, preventive interventions or improvements in the structure of healthcare.

NWO and ZonMw offer funding for research, such as labour costs for PhD students and postdocs, but also for consumables and equipment, for example. ZonMw also makes subsidies available to care and practice institutions.



Sustainable Development Goals Programs

Various grant schemes can also be distinguished in the field of sustainable development. Examples are the Sustainable Water Fund, which aims to improve water safety and water security in developing countries. Or Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Facility with which the Dutch government wants to contribute to the achievement of various goals in the field of sustainable development in developing countries. Below you will find a selection of important subsidy schemes in the field of sustainable development.

Other Grant Programs

The EU4Health Programme is a financing instrument to strengthen cooperation between EU countries and support EU activities in the field of health. The aim is to protect citizens from cross-border threats to public health. This is done by complementing, supporting and strengthening health policies, in order to improve the health of EU citizens while reducing inequalities in care.

The European COST scheme aims at connecting research initiatives in Europe, so that researchers and developers can share ideas and, where necessary, act together. Projects are bottom-up, open and diverse and may consist of different types of partners.

HFSP is a ‘niche’ program for funding frontier research in the life sciences. It supports novel, innovative and interdisciplinary basic research that focuses on the complex mechanisms of living organisms.

The Erasmus+ programme is a European funding programme in the field of education and training. It contributes to sustainable economic growth, employment, social cohesion, and the strengthening of European identity.


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