NWO – Open Competition

Open competitie: filosofie en religie

The Open Competition is a financing instrument that is targeted at free research without thematic boundary conditions. There are several possibilities for amount of money and division of the projects, also equipment costs and/or (inter)national collaboration can be included. This funding scheme is meant for experienced researchers that are not eligible anymore for the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme.


  • Applicant needs to be contracted at a Dutch knowledge institution for the entire duration of the research project
  • Apply once a year at most, and not in succeeding rounds
  • At the latest 1 year before the planned end date of longest running NWO project
  • First stage: preproposals

What can be applied for?

  • Up to €750,000, no minimum
  • Maximum term is 6 years
  • Several possibilities for budget (budget modules):
    • Personnel
    • Material
    • Investments
    • Knowledge Utilisation
    • Internationalisation

Disciplinary panels

  • Linguistics
  • Historical Sciences
  • Philosophy and religion
  • Cultural sciences
  • Economy and business administration
  • Behaviour and education
  • Law and public administration
  • Social sciences


  • Quality of research idea
  • Scientific/societal impact
  • Embedding, organisation, and budget

This fact sheet aims to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure and conditions of this subsidy scheme. No conclusions can be drawn from this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status.

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