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Research groups at Dutch universities can call on the Dutch organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) or one of its derivatives, such as the Technology Foundation STW, ZonMw and the foundation for Fundamental Research of Matter (FOM).

NWO offers financing for scientific research. NWO focuses on five areas: free research and talent, thematic research and public-private cooperation, major research facilities and national research institutes. NWO has several financing instruments, which can be of a generic nature or specifically focused on certain themes.

The goal of the Technology Foundation STW is to bring scientists and end users together to promote knowledge transfer between the two. STW projects therefore stand out because of their combination of scientific excellence and the creation of applied knowledge (utilisation). For STW projects, universities work closely together with businesses and possibly other users of the research results.

Using a variety of grant programmes, ZonMw stimulates health research and healthcare innovation within the total innovation cycle: from fundamental research up to the implementation of new treatments, preventative interventions or improvements to the structure of the healthcare sector.

Target audiences of NWO, STW and ZonMw

NWO, STW and ZonMw offer financing for research. This includes wage costs for PhD candidates and postdocs, but also e.g. consumables and equipment. Furthermore, ZonMw offers grants to healthcare institutes and practices. In certain cases, private parties act as co-funders.

Conditions, characteristics and figures

  • Financing for scientific research at Dutch universities and NOW-accredited research institutes (ASTRON, CWI, NIOZ, NSCR, SRON, AMOLF, DIFFER and Nikhef)
  • Support for temporary research positions, including PhD candidates, AIOs, PhD students and postdocs, consumables, equipment and infrastructure
  • Financing of practical and applied research, conducted by and/or in cooperation with healthcare institutes and practices, often in the form of consortiums (ZonMw).
  • Regulations and conditions differ per instrument and per programme.

Examples of projects subsidised with NWO, STW and ZonMw

ZonMw programme: Voluntary commitment for and by youth and family.

Projecttitle: The Turkish and Moroccan large family must be tackled: upbringing, growing up, health and integration.

Period: 2010-2013.

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