MIT – Innovation stimulant for small and medium-sized enterprises


The Regional and Top Sectors SME Innovation Incentive (MIT) is of interest to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) involved in innovative projects that look beyond regional boundaries and are in line with the Top Sectors. The MIT scheme offers various grant opportunities!

MIT tools∗

  • MIT feasibility projects: The technical and economic risks of a proposed innovation project can be assessed by means of a feasibility study, possibly supplemented by industrial research or experimental development. A grant amount of around €20,000 can be raised per project, which can be up to 40% of the eligible costs of the applicant. The maximum duration of the project is one year and the average total budget is €3.8 million.

  • MIT-R&D Collaboration Projects: Associations of SME entrepreneurs offer unique opportunities for the renewal of products, production processes and services. This is stimulated by subsidizing between €50,000 and €200,000 per project, with a maximum of €100,000 per participant. The cooperation must be balanced in terms of costs (no more than 70% by one participant) and contribution. Here there is a subdivision between large and small projects, where the limit is €200,000 in subsidy. The maximum term is two years. The budget is around €8.1million.

  • MIT knowledge vouchers: As an SME entrepreneur, you do not always have the capacity to investigate your own knowledge questions regarding the renewal of products, production processes or services. For this reason, the MIT offers the possibility of obtaining a voucher, a ‘knowledge voucher’, with which a research assignment can be given to a knowledge institution. The maximum value of a voucher is €3,750. The budget is €2 million.

  • TKI Networking Activities and TKI Innovation Brokers: In order to develop knowledge, networking activities are of the utmost importance. SME entrepreneurs can receive financial support for this through the TKI-Network activities scheme. In addition, the TKI innovation brokers scheme offers the possibility to use management consultation by hiring an innovation broker. It provides advice on innovation, technological assistance and technology transfer services. The latter can be subsidized at the rate of €10,000 per SME per year. The budget is €2.2 million.

Target group

The target group of this scheme is specifically SMEs, with a special focus on partnerships. SMEs often have fewer research opportunities than large companies. This will provide SMEs with opportunities to innovate and develop new processes.


The conditions differ for each MIT instrument, but the common denominators are:

  • The applicant is an SME entrepreneur.
  • There is a positive view on cross-regional projects.
  • Linking up with the innovation agendas of the top sectors is positive.


  • Assessment: For all projects: ‘first-come-first-serve’, only the R&D cooperation projects are assessed and ranked on the basis of a tender. The final grant will be awarded to the top of the list until the budget is exhausted.
  • New: Large R&D cooperation projects with a subsidy of more than €200,000 are now offered in all regions!

What can we do for you?

As an SME entrepreneur, are you involved in innovative, cross-regional projects within one of the top sectors? Evers + Manders can help you with the application for the MIT subsidy. Part of the service we offer is advice on project formation and with our strong network within both government and business, we always try to seize opportunities when they arise. Think, for example, of finding project partners.

The application period for the MIT is again open and certainly, for the first-come-first-serve projects a smooth submission helps to obtain the subsidy! Evers + Manders can help you with this. With 25 years of experience this year, our office has grown into a leading company with regional, national and international clients from the business community and government. Our specialist knowledge increases the chances of success of your applications for the MIT. Are you interested? Please contact us!

∗ Budgets and rules can change annually.

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