MMIP – Multi Annual Mission Driven Innovation Programs


The energy transition and the earthquake problem in Groningen cause the Dutch built environment must become more sustainable. Ultimately, by 2025 there must be well-functioning climate-neutral energy systems that can be reproduced on a large scale for almost all building types in the built environment. Making buildings free of natural gas is an important part of this. In order to meet this challenge, the draft Climate Agreement has opened up several Multi Annual Mission Driven Innovation Programmes (MMIPs) to accelerate innovation.

MMIP openings

The following MMIPs were open in 2019:

  • MMIP 3: Acceleration of energy renovations in the built environment
  • MMIP 4: Sustainable heating and cooling in the built environment (individual and collective systems)

Within these programs, there were possibilities for projects aimed at energy concepts (including optimization in the chain), robotization and digitization of heat pumps, heat networks, thermal storage and shallow geothermal energy. It is also possible to submit a combined application for both MMIPs.

It was important during the course of the project products that processes or services that were delivered were actually available for (large-scale) application in the built environment.

MMIPs for several subjects will follow as of 2020.

Target group(s)

The MMIPs offer partnerships the opportunity to develop natural gas-free solutions for owners of homes, buildings and neighbourhoods. The consortia must be broadly composed of companies, research organizations and civil society organizations.


  • The proposal must meet the objectives of one or both of the MMIPs.
  • The consortium must have a broad membership (at least four companies).
  • Work should not have started before the submission of the detailed proposal.
  • The project duration is five years
  • The minimum amount of grant requested is €2 million.



  • MMIP 3: €7.2 million
  • MMIP 4: €10.4 million


The deadlines for 2020 are not yet known.


In the tender scheme, the submitted projects are juxtaposed for evaluation. The best projects are subsidized until the budget is exhausted.


The amounts and criteria mentioned in this document are based on the MMIP openings in 2019. Budgets and grant rules may change.


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