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Among all European programmes, LIFE is the only one specifically directed at the environment. The programme focuses on projects that demonstrate innovative concepts or technologies with added value at the European level. Monitoring and knowledge distribution are therefore important elements of any LIFE project. Within LIFE, there are two programmes, each with several categories.

Sub-programme Environment

  • Environment and efficient use of natural resources: more innovative solutions to increase the effects of the environmental policies and the integration of environmental objectives in other sectors
  • Biodiversity: development of “best practices” to halt the loss of biodiversity and restore ecosystems. The focus is still on supporting Natura 2000 areas
  • Environmental management and information: focuses on sharing knowledge, the distribution of “best practices”, improved compliance and awareness campaigns.

Sub-programme climate action

  • Mitigation: reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adaptation: more resilience against climate change
  • Climate management and information: awareness, communication, cooperation related to actions for the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change and the distribution of such actions.

Target audiences of LIFE

LIFE is available to governments, businesses, knowledge institutes and NGOs working on demonstration projects in the field of nature and biodiversity, innovative environmental technology and climate change. International cooperation is a plus, but – as opposed to most other European programmes – not a requirement.

Conditions, characteristics and figures

  • Three themes: nature and biodiversity, environment and efficient use of natural resources, climate
  • Annual tender per theme (fall, indicative: first half of September)
  • Subsidy percentage 60-75% of eligible costs
  • Average subsidy amount 1-3 million euros
  • Typical project duration 3-5 years

Examples of projects subsidised with LIFE


Omzet Amersfoort



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