Regieorgaan SIA – COVID19

Hogescholen en Regieorgaan SIA

Regieorgaan SIA sets out three new regulations specifically aimed at universities of applied science in relation to COVID-19. The regulations are both to support higher education itself, and to enable research carried out by higher education institutes that contributes to the current social and economic challenges. It concerns the following schemes:

  • Impuls 2020
  • RAAK Impuls 2020
  • City Deal Kennis Maken (CDKM) Impuls 2020

* Impuls 2020

This scheme is there to support universities of applied science as regional knowledge institutions that may currently be struggling because of the corona measures. This mainly concerns facilitating infrastructure for practice-based research. This could include resources for attracting (supporting) research staff, material that consolidates the research function, or activities that contribute to vision and networking. There are no specific conditions or assessment criteria attached to applying for this grant. However, support may only be applied for once. A total of EUR 10 million is available. The scheme has closed recently.

Who Can Apply?

  • All government-funded universities of applied science in the Netherlands.

Eligible Costs

  • The exact amount depends on the size of the higher education institute and comprises between €75,000 and €550,000.

* RAAK Impuls 2020

RAAK Impulse 2020 is there to provide ongoing RAAK projects with extra resources to adapt to the one and a half metre rule as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. These resources can, for example, be used to develop new working methods to enable practical research partners within the consortium to continue to participate in the project. The programme will open in June.

* City Deal Kennis Maken (CDKM) Impuls 2020

CDKM Impuls 2020 is intended for colleges and universities in the 19 cities participating in CDKM. It is mainly about involving students in social issues and solutions, especially in these challenging times of the one and a half meters of society. This scheme is also expected to open in June.

In addition to these three new schemes, some of the current deadlines have been adjusted as a result of the current crisis. SIA also supports colleges and universities that wish to submit a research proposal under the Second Wave research programme COVID-19 of NWO-ZonMW.

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