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On 17 July ZonMw has published the Targeted Round COVID Paramedical Care as part of the Efficiency Research Programme 2022-2026. The aim is to investigate the effects and costs of first-line paramedical recovery care for COVID-19 patients with serious complaints or limitations.

The intended research should benefit the Netherlands Health Care Institute, which would like to offer more paramedical care to people who have had COVID-19 and need care in order to enable them to return to their daily lives. There is still very little research and scientific evidence on the effects of paramedical care on recovery from COVID-19. This call for funding aims to contribute to this. The deadline is 13 August 2020, 14:00.


  • The results of the research must benefit the Netherlands Health Care Institute.
  • All forms of paramedical recovery care must express support for the research proposal, notably physiotherapy and remedial therapy, dietetics, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.
  • There must be national coverage for the research, as well as the necessary infrastructure for its implementation.
  • Agreements between the parties may not lead to unauthorised state support.
  • The project must be started a few weeks after the grant has been awarded.

Who Can Apply?

  • A main applicant, from a research organisation.
  • A project group, consisting of:
    • Stakeholders with expertise in the fields of physical and remedial therapy, dietetics, speech therapy, or occupational therapy;
    • Patients;
    • Implementation expert;
    • Researchers with expertise in methodology and/or health technology assessment.

Eligible Costs

  • The maximum (one-off) budget is €800,000.
  • Co-financing is optional and must be laid down in a Letter of Commitment.


  • Assumed project duration is 3 years.
  • Maximum project duration is 7 years.
  • Conditional reimbursement of the paramedical recovery care for 1 year is currently assumed. This can be extended in the event of a new COVID-19 outbreak.
  • There is an Open Science policy in accordance with ZonMw’s usual conditions.


  • Relevance Criteria
    • Practice orientation;
    • Patient participation;
    • Implementation (national applicability)
  • (Scientific) Quality Criteria
    • Research and hypothesis;
    • Plan of approach (according to PICOT format);
    • Economic evaluation (cost-effectiveness analysis)
    • Feasibility (The project needs to commence a few weeks after the grant has been awarded).

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