Horizon 2020 – Repurposing of Manufacturing for Vital Medical Supplies and Equipment

This call is intended for innovation actions contributing to the reallocation of production chains to provide society with vital medical supplies and equipment—both in the current crisis and in the future. The aim is to enable manufacturers to adapt their production lines within 48 hours in response to sudden peaks in demand for strategic products (such as ventilators and personal protective equipment [PPE]). Projects can address the following topics:

  • The repurposing, adaptation, and ramp-up of production lines to quickly adjust to new and urgent production needs, notably medical equipment, diagnostic technologies, service systems, and automated systems of disinfection.
  • Demonstrate flexibility models for the supply chain for the repurposing of production lines and proper risk management in case supply chains are disrupted (or other necessary means for enabling production).
  • Automation technologies that are less dependent on work force present in factories, such as the certification, calibration, and accreditation of production lines that have been repurposed or restarted after a shutdown.
  • Qualification of operators/technicians for new/repurposed production lines.


  • Activities must have at least TRL 6 at the start of the project and reach TRL 8 after completion.
  • Results must be delivered to end users within 3 to 18 months.
  • Solutions should be applicable to other industrial sectors that can be investigated in future projects.

Eligible Costs

  • It is expected that projects applying for this grant have a budget between 5 to 6 million euro.
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