Horizon 2020 – Networking of Existing EU and International Cohorts of Relevance to COVID-19

The aim of this scheme is to bring together data from existing EU and international cohorts relevant to COVID-19 that provide evidence-based recommendations for health policies in the context of preventive strategies, protective measures, and disease management. Ultimately, it is about creating a cohort framework to rapidly address pandemics in the future.


  • Projects should aim to identify and extract a sufficiently large number of cases with corresponding high-quality data that can be used across the different cohorts.
  • Existing cohorts will be brought together in a common effort to standardise data related to COVID-19 and extract information that will contribute to optimal prevention, protection, and treatment of EU citizens.
  • Proposals under this coordination and support action should support the international networking of existing, mainly longitudinal cohorts in order to extract commonly agreed standardised data on COVID-19 diagnosed/serotyped and matched non-infected persons.
  • Proposals should address strategies for interacting with the COVID-19 cohort(s) funded by this programme and liaising with the COVID-19 clinical trials network.

Eligible Costs

  • It is expected that projects applying for this grant have a budget between €2 to €3 million.
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