Horizon 2020 – Behavioural, Social, and Economic Impacts of the Outbreak Response

Proposals under this call address the behavioural, social, and economic consequences of the response to the current pandemic. An interdisciplinary approach integrating medical, social, and humanities disciplines is preferred. The following two dimensions are taken into account:

  • Analysis and comparison of outbreak responses in different European countries and their effects on human behaviour and the social dynamics of different regions and countries.
  • Mental health and health inequalities.

Providing concrete guidelines to address these two dimensions is considered an important output of potential projects. These can focus on the following research questions:

  • How can the negative social and economic consequences of measures taken to control the pandemic be mitigated?
  • Which unintended consequences of measures taken to control the epidemic can be identified?
  • What are the social—amongst others, gender-related—dynamics of the outbreak and related public health measures?


  • Results must be delivered to end users within 3 to 36 months.
  • Proposals asking for the maximum contribution must cover and be implemented in all of the above dimensions. In addition, such projects must involve partners from a wide range of disciplines and produce results that are representative of all EU27 and associated countries.
  • If there is more than one funded project, communication, cooperation, and coordination between research groups will be strongly encouraged.

Eligible Costs

  • It is expected that projects applying for this grant have a budget between €4 to €10 million.
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