EUREKA: Solutions for Post COVID-19 – Next High-impact Human Pandemic

Eureka tweede call

Following the first call Solutions for COVID-19 Echo Period – Life Without a Vaccine, EUREKA now opens a second call, entitled Solutions for Post COVID-19 – Next High-impact Human Pandemic. This programme is aimed towards international projects that seek solutions and innovations for the post-corona era, amongst others in order to be better prepared for a possible new outbreak. The call concerns market/application-oriented R&D projects, in which the initiative must come from industry.

Examples of possible topics are:

  • Technologies enabling local resilience or self sufficiency
  • Medical intervention robotics
  • Infection prevention and protection
  • Prevention of antibiotic resistance
  • Sanitation technology
  • Diagnostics and testing
  • Therapeutics, vaccines, and medicines
  • Medical intervention robotics
  • Disease-tracking technology
  • Smart technologies for critical production and supply chains under lockdown
  • Education technologies and digital workplace
  • Govtech/Open data and Big Data

Just like in the first call, several countries are participating. This time, it concerns the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, and Sweden. The Dutch budget is €1 million and is administered by RVO in cooperation with Health~Holland (Topsector Life Sciences & Health). The deadline is July 15, 2020 (17:00).

General Criteria

  • Partnerships consist of at least 1 company and at least 1 knowledge institute from the participating Eureka countries.
  • The product, service, or process must be performed or brought to the market within 24 months.

Who Can Apply?

  • Companies
  • Knowledge institutes

Eligible Costs

  • The maximum contribution per project is €350,000.
  • 50% for research activities.
  • 25% for development activities.


The application must comprise the following 2 procedures:

  • Submit application with EUREKA network.
  • Submit national application (in the Netherlands, with RVO).

If possible, the application should also be submitted to a foreign partner’s own national funding organisation.

Review Criteria

  • Impact of the project on the market (including commercialisation and competitive advantage).
  • Expertise, for example in terms of innovation, technological challenge, and feasibility.
  • Quality and efficiency, amongst others the quality of the consortium and realistic budgeting.

The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide a quick overview of the objectives, structure, and conditions of this grant programme. No conclusions can be drawn on the basis of this information. Moreover, this document has no legal status.


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