Fast Track to Innovation

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Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is part of the Horizon 2020 programme. This programme supports ground-breaking technologies in the final phase of the innovation chain and is intended to accelerate the market introduction of new and disruptive technologies. The FTI is basically open to all forms of technology, provided they relate to Horizon 2020’s two pillars: Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges.

Fast Track to Innovation is very similar to the SME instrument. The major differences are that FTI does not specifically target SMEs and that the programme does not use a three-phase approach with feasibility studies, innovation projects and business coaching. Furthermore, FTI does not use a thematic approach that involves innovation themes predefined by the European Commission.

Objectives of Fast Track to Innovation 

Fast Track to Innovation supports small, industry-driven consortiums of three to five partners. As part of that consortium, there has to be cooperation between at least three different EU member states or associated states. In this context, “industry driven” means that at least two or three partners must be active in the industry (depending on the number of partners in the consortium) or that at least 60% of the budget is used for the benefit of partners in the industry.

Conditions, characteristics and figures

  • Industry driven
  • Part of Horizon 2020
  • More deadlines per year
  • Normally: €1 – 2 million (€3 million is possible in exceptional cases)
  • 70% subsidy of direct costs multiplied with 25% overhead

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