NWO – Vidi | Contaminations in granular sludge

Wastewater systems based on granular sludge have clear advantages over other purification technologies. However, the stability of these systems continues to pose problems.

One of the causes is suspended (organic) dust, which can lead to the disintegration of granules. Exactly how suspended matter affects the stability of purification and how this can be prevented, remains unclear.

In this study, new analytical methods are introduced that can unravel the mechanisms that destabilise granular sludge-based wastewater systems. In addition, solutions will be sought, for example by redeveloping the reactors of the purification system. During the study, there will be close cooperation with water boards and Dutch companies with a strong international market position with regard to granular sludge systems.


  • TUDelft – M.K. de Kreuk


NWO vidi


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