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Valorising wastewater streams into bio-based products contributes to the EU’s strategic priority to make a transition towards a circular and bio-based economy through agricultural and industrial symbiosis.

Currently, industrial side streams and wastewater are often not exploited but simply disposed of. A consortium led by Water Authority Rijn and IJssel demonstrates that innovative neo-alginate production is possible from the granular sludge that is produced in wastewater treatment.

Granular sludge contains a high amount of neo-alginate which can serve as a basis for products such as additives for the paper and textile industry. The recovery and valorization of high-value neo-alginate demonstrates that wastewater and process water streams are a potential source for bio-based products.

Successful pilot research has demonstrated that alginate recovery from granular sludge can be realised. A demonstration is essential to validate the production chain. This demonstration in the ChainCraft installation in Amsterdam allows for easy replicability and transferability.


  • Water Authority Rijn and IJssel
  • ChainCraft B.V.
  • Stichting Toegepast Onderzoek Waterbeheer (STOWA)
  • Simadan Holding B.V.
  • Water Authority Vallei and Veluwe



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LIFE Waste2NeoAlginate


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