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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the leading causes of death in high-income countries. Medications for CKD are currently available and have been shown effective at population level. However, individual patients respond very differently to the currently available medication. This indicates that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not sufficient to effectively help kidney patients.

Pharmacodynamic biomarkers can help to design optimal personalized treatment, but currently no validated biomarkers are available. Moreover, a large gap remains between research in biomarkers and the actual implementation of biomarkers in daily clinical practice.


  • Improve CKD pharmacotherapy by validating and implementing pharmacodynamic biomarkers for personalized medicine.
  • Establish a network with stakeholders to involve patients, clinicians and other stakeholders in the implementation of biomarkers for personalized medicine.
  • Develop a roadmap for using biomarkers in daily clinical practice.
  • Scientifically validate research procedures for biomarkers, so that future biomarkers can be validated more easily.

With the results, clinicians will improve the effectiveness and timeliness of CKD pharmacotherapy, leading to less disease burden and disease progression, a better quality of life and more cost-efficiency. The PRIME-CKD results will unlock the potential of biomarkers in healthcare and close the gap between biomarker research and clinical use in everyday practice.


  • Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen (Coördinator)
  • Prof. H. Lambers Heerspink, University Medical Center Groningen, Clinical Pharmacologist


  • Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen (Coordinator) – NL
  • University of Michigan The Regents Of The University Of Michigan – US
  • Lunds Universitet – SE
  • Region Hovedstaden Hillerod – DK
  • Renalytix Al Limited – IE
  • Universitaetsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf – DE
  • Universita Degrli Studi Della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli – IT
  • University of Leicester – UK
  • University Hospitals of Leicester NHS – UK
  • Alma Mater Studiorum – Universita Di Bologna – IT
  • IRCCS Azienda Ospedaliero – Universitaria Di Bologna – IT
  • Fundación Para La Investigación Del Hospital Clinico De La Comunitat Valenciana, Fundación Incliva – ES
  • Hessels + Grob – NL
  • Agentschap College Ter Beoordeling Van Geneesmiddelen – NL





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