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Eerste monitoringsput project Freshman Dunea

Photo: source KWR; Pieter Dammers (Dunea; left) and Teun van Dooren (KWR; right) at the borehole of the first monitoring well placed in the dunes at Scheveningen pumping station..

LIFE is a grant programme of the European Union. Goal of the programme is to support innovative projects that fit in with European nature, environment and climate policy.

Sustainable freshwater management in coastal areas

Together with its research partners, KWR, Allied Waters, De Watergroep and IWVA, Dunea has obtained a grant contract of over 3 million euros for the FRESHMAN project. This project, which is carried out in the dunes near Scheveningen (Netherlands) and Avekapelle (Belgium), carries out innovative research into brackish groundwater extraction and purification. This technique creates a potential new source of drinking water and more space for the storage of fresh water in the dunes.

Below is a schematic representation of the process steps in Dutch. (Source: DUNEA)

Scheme of processes Freshman project


  • Dunea


  • KWR
  • De Watergroep
  • Allied Waters
  • IWVA


  • LIFE

Grant amount

  • €3.078.123

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