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We can divide our work based on the grant programmes into various areas of expertise or sectors. Naturally, our clients come first, as do the projects for which they need financing. Once again, we employ a division that mostly ties in with the various areas of expertise.

Water and management

Within this extensive area of expertise, we are active at the regional, national and international levels. Our clients include drinking water supply companies, water authorities, universities and research institutes.

Energy and sustainability

The energy sector faces major challenges related to the increasing demand for energy and the necessity of sustainable production. Clients in this sector include fuel manufacturers, energy companies and technology companies.

Health and healthcare

In the healthcare sector, a huge amount of money is needed for research into new treatment methods and techniques. There is also an increased focus on prevention programmes. We not only work for university research centres and technology companies, but also for healthcare institutes.

Research and technology

Evers + Manders grant consultants feels right at home in the science and technology sector. Our clients come from a wide range of branches, including industry and the transport sector. In these sectors, good advice is essential, because one never treads the beaten path here.


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