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We can divide our work based on the grant programmes into various areas of expertise or sectors. Naturally, our clients come first, as do the projects for which they need financing. Once again, we employ a division that mostly ties in with the various areas of expertise.

Water- and Delta Technology
Within this extensive sector, we work on regional, national, and international projects. Our clients include drinking water companies, water boards, technology suppliers, engineering firms, universities, and research institutes.

Energy and Circular Economy
Clients within this sector are fuel producers, energy companies, municipalities, universities and technology companies.

Medical Technology and Innovation
In the medical sector, we work for clients such as university research centres and technology companies, but also for healthcare institutions.

Research and Innovative Technologies

Evers + Manders grant consultants feel at home in the sector of science and technology. Our clients are technology companies, software developers, universities, and research institutions.


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