When one considers the large variety of available grant programmes, each with its own goal and intended audience, it is easy to imagine that we at Evers + Manders grant consultants work for all kinds of businesses, governments and organisations.

Grant consultancy for enterprises

We work for both large and small enteprises. Our clients include major multinational organisations, such as energy companies and engineering agencies, as well as small firms active in e.g. a niche sector like biotechnology or water filtration. We are often able to put enterprises into contact with other parties with which they can work together on a development project. We provide a healthy risk assessment and long-term financing. After all, a grant process is not an end, but rather a means with which to achieve other corporate objectives.

Grant consultancy for (semi)governments and public sector

We have carried out many projects for for (semi)governments and public sector. These grant projects related to environmental management, water management and wastewater treatment. Other (semi) governmental sectors we are active in include the healthcare sector, water authorities and drinking water companies.

Grant consultancy for organisations

Research costs a lot of time and money. Many universities and colleges cooperate with businesses or other research institutes on their own research. Depending on the nature of the research, it may be eligible for one or more subsidy programmes. We have a good overview of what is going on in the various sectors and where there is a need for more knowledge. This often allows us to establish interesting connections between various parties.

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