Knowledge of ICT and AI expanded with new colleague Roddy van der Horst

Roddy van der Horst werkte eerst in Ierland

Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs recently expanded its team with two new advisors. Roddy van der Horst is the colleague who will work for you as a specialist in the field of ICT and Artificial Intelligence. We would like to introduce him to you.

Roddy, welcome to Evers + Manders. We know you by now but our customers not yet. So…..

My name is Roddy van der Horst, born in 1989 and I live in Veenendaal. Originally I come from Duivendrecht near Amsterdam, but since I was five years old I lived near Veenendaal. My girlfriend is Italian, which is why I have recently started an Italian course.

What is your professional background?

I studied molecular biology in Utrecht. Subsequently, I also completed a follow-up study in the field of business management in Amsterdam. In Ireland I worked in various sectors. I gained experience in project management, digital marketing, pharmaceutical industry and ICT. I also gained more practical experience in designing processes, leading workshops, stakeholder management and writing complex documents.

You have worked in Ireland for quite some time, now back in the Netherlands. What is the big difference?

I have indeed just returned to the Netherlands after almost six years of working in Ireland. The big difference between the Netherlands and Ireland I would describe as the space and nature in Ireland compared to the better facilities in the Netherlands and that everything is within reach here.

How did Evers + Manders find you?

In Ireland I was approached by a recruiter. During the interviews with Johan (Evers) and Paul (Manders) I became even more enthusiastic about the job. They told me clearly and openly about the job and the expectations. The team also seemed to be very nice to work with. On a personal level, which is also important, I like to be closer to my family again.

What triggered you to leave beautiful Ireland to become a grant advisor?

What really appealed to me about the position was that grants and innovations go hand in hand. I like to follow new developments, and as a grant advisor I’m in the front row. Based on my experience as an advisor in the past, I like to think along with clients. It’s still great to achieve a desired result together so that our clients can achieve their goals. In our case, this means that our clients can continue to innovate.

What else is typical for the person Roddy?

Sporty, that’s me also. I practice Judo from an early age. Judo is sometimes a tactical game, which is always a challenge. It also makes me push my limits. After a break, due to my stay in Ireland, I recently picked it up again after my return to the Netherlands. I also enjoy walking and go to the gym on a regular basis.

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