Interreg North Sea Programme: 2nd Round

In our earlier blog, we announced the first publication of the Interreg B North Sea Region programme. Now the programme is almost ready for the second round: from 1 August, new proposals can be submitted, with a deadline of 14 November 2022. An excellent moment to have a closer look at the calls and to explore the possibilities.

Target Group

A short recap: The Interreg North Sea Region encompasses the Netherlands, (parts of) Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Norway, and Sweden. England is no longer part of the participating countries.

A consortium consists of at least three partners from three different participating countries. However, in practice more countries are expected to participate, as the impact must relate to the region as a whole.

Priorities and Topics

The priorities and topics for this period are:

  • Priority 1: Robust and smart economies
    • Improve research and innovation capacity and apply advanced technologies
    • Developing smart specialisation, industrial transition, and entrepreneurship 

Potential activities include, for example, the development and commercialisation of new technologies, but also the establishment of transnational stakeholder networks of researchers and (SME) companies in the region.

  • Priority 2: Green transition
    • Improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • Promote renewable energy in line with Directive (EU) 2018/2001
    • Develop smart energy systems, networks, and storage beyond the existing Trans-European Energy Network
    • Promote the circular and resource-efficient economy
    • Develop sustainable, multimodal urban mobility

Projects may include, for example, improving sustainability in ports, pilot projects for more sustainable (industrial) production processes, or transnational knowledge exchange in the field of innovative technologies, such as hydrogen.

  • Priority 3: Climate resilience
    • Climate adaptation and disaster prevention, with attention for ecosystem services
    • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity and green infrastructure, and combating all forms of pollution

Activities could include developing blue-green infrastructure in urban areas, nature-based solutions for flood risk and water storage, as well as mainstreaming strategies and management guidelines.

  • Priority 4: Better governance of the North Sea Region
    • Better cooperation and governance

Possible activities are creating stakeholder networks, bringing together existing networks around the prioritised themes, and developing ways to integrate citizen science and input into governance and decision-making in the region. 

Small-scale or Regular Projects

The new opening on 1 August covers three types of applications:

  • Full application –  This applies only to consortia that have already submitted a project idea during the previous round.
  • Project ideas for regular projects – Did you miss the previous round? During this second round, you can still submit a pre-application to see if your project qualifies. An average project size of €3-6 million per project and a project duration of 3-5 years are considered.
  • Small-scale projects – These are projects with a budget of a recommended minimum of €200,000 and a set maximum of €500,000, and a project duration of 18 months. Pre-application is not required.
  2. Conditions and Key Figures

A grant rate of 60% applies to both small-scale and regular projects. For Norway, a grant rate of 50% applies. 

For small-scale projects, the budget rules are somewhat simpler than for regular projects. Instead of a detailed budget with different modules, the categories ‘Personnel costs’ and ‘Other’ apply. The latter is a flat rate, namely 40% of the personnel costs, from which you can finance your other costs.

The Application

As indicated above, you can submit three types of applications during this round. It is important to note that in this round, it is no longer possible to submit a full regular application without making a pre-application (as was the case in the previous round).  

At E+M we have extensive experience with the Interreg programme. We are keen to help you write, or to edit, your pre-application. Although the call will open on 1 August, now is a good time to start thinking about consortium formation and prepare your application.

Did you know that as grant consultants, we do not only provide strategic advice, but can also take on a large portion of the actual writing process? This also means we are able to provide support if you have a successful pre-application and would now like to submit a full application, but have a shortage of capacity.

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