Incentive Funds for Women in STEM

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The proportion of women working in the STEM disciplines at universities and colleges of higher education is low in the Netherlands. Moreover, the higher the position, the more the proportion of women decreases: Only 16% of professors in STEM disciplines are women. For the technical disciplines, the percentage of women professors is only 15%. The government wants to encourage an increase in the proportion of women. On the intake side, this is done by awarding additional Veni grants for women working in science and technology. With the Science and Technology incentive fund, the government wants to reduce the outflow of qualified women. The grant scheme is implemented by NWO.

Support with a Prospect for Permanent or Higher Employment

The Science and Technology incentive fund can offer a solution for women who have the prospect for a permanent or higher position (from tenure track onwards), but temporarily have no funding. The grant can be requested for a maximum of 18 months and can cover salary costs and equipment. Equipment is understood to comprise:

  • Project-related services and goods, such as consumables and calculation time;
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for conference visits, fieldwork, and working visits;
  • Implementation costs, such as the costs of organising a symposium, data management, and open access publications.

The grant has a minimum of €20,000 and a maximum of €250,000. For equipment, a maximum of €15,000 eligible costs applies.

Ongoing Applications

Applications can be submitted by women who have obtained their doctorate, either at home or abroad. The application must consist of a curriculum vitae; a justification of the need for the grant; and a research proposal for the period the grant is requested to bridge. In addition, an embedding guarantee must be provided by the institution where the research will be carried out. The evaluation criteria are the potential of the research proposal, and the quality of the researcher.

For 2020, a total budget of 3.6 million euros is available. Applications can be submitted until December 31, 2020.

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