Grant for Gas-free Rental Houses and Owners’ Associations

aardgasvrij maken van NL

This autumn, the Incentive Scheme for Natural Gas-Free Rented Housing (SAH) will reopen. The scheme was already open for housing corporations, institutional investors and landlords within the private sector. This autumn, mixed owners’ associations (VvEs) will also be able to benefit from the scheme. This concerns buildings that contain both rental properties and properties of private owners. The VvE can submit an SAH application for both types of owners.

Funding to Connect to the External Heat Network

With the SAH, funding can be obtained to connect rental housed to an external heat network. The grant covers both the required adaptations to the houses and the connection costs to the heat network. Are the homes already connected to a heat network, but do they still use gas for hot tap water and/or cooking? Then an SAH grant can also be applied for. It is important that the rental property no longer uses natural gas after the measures have been implemented.

The SAH is intended for all existing rental homes that will be taken off gas and connected to a heat network within the next five years. In addition, a building permit/environmental licence must have been applied for before 1 July 2018. Also, the homes eligible for funding must have been rented for at least three months in the past 24 months. Starting this autumn, it will also become possible to apply for an SAH grant in order to purchase an all-electric cooker and for combining an individual with a central connection. Also, under certain conditions, costs for the indoor plumbing might be eligible.

Reimbursement Rates 

In total, up to €5,000 can be obtained per rental property.

  • The SAH reimburses 40% (with a maximum of €1,200 per home) of costs to make adjustments to the house (indoor living expenses). The indoor costs include the following measures: disconnecting from the gas connection, removing the gas meter, replacing the indoor components of the space heating system, the provision for gas-free cooking and hot water, and making further structural modifications required to make the rental home gas-free.
  • The SAH reimburses 30% (with a maximum of € 3,800 per house) of the connection costs of a home to a heat network.

If the grant application exceeds €25,000, it is important that the adaptations have not started before the grant application is submitted.

A total budget of € 194.3 million is available, €64 million of which has already been granted on 1 July 2021. Currently, a total of €13 million is still pending, meaning approximately €117 million is still available. It is possible to submit applications for the SAH in the period 2020-2023. Applications will be considered in accordance with the ‘first-come-first-serve’ principle. It is therefore possible that the budget will be spent before the end of 2023.


Our Approach to SAH Grant Applications

Evers + Manders Grant Consultants has successfully supported SAH grant applications before. We would like to assist you in the development of your application and can give you expert advice. Moreover, our advice is not limited to the SAH. Making the built environment gas-free is a major challenge for the Dutch government. This results in various funding options at the national, provincial, and municipal level. Here, too, we can provide tailor-made solutions.



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