Grant Advising: What’s in it for you as a scientist?


Every once in a while, the “working hours discussion” passes by on social media. I recently saw a tweet where a US scientist claimed she was working 100 hours a week and was wondering how to cut down hours. Well, we have some ideas for you!

Scientists are known for their can-do mentality. When it comes to their research, they like to take matters in their own hands. This is a very noble attitude, but it can also lead to the outrageous (and hopefully exaggerated) working hours described above. It would help many scientists to set aside their pride and outsource certain tasks to keep their work hours to what they do best: produce ground-breaking scientific insights.

For all the other, grant-related tasks, we are here to help. We can support you in a personal way and assist with any type of activity, big or small. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged proposal or managing a large consortium, we tailor to your needs. The main services that we offer are:

  • Identify funding programs: We can run a “funding scan” for you to identify what funding programs will fit your situation, short and long-term. We know many different funding programs that you might not have heard of and can help you to think ahead.
  • Strategy: In terms of strategy, we can think along about what topic, research line, or long-term approach will provide you with the best chances to obtain funding.
  • Writing and editing: We can help you write parts of your proposal or edit it in any way that suits your needs.
  • Budget: We have great expertise in how to allocate (parts of) your budget and what can and cannot be funded.
  • Collaboration: Don’t know who to best pair up with for your research proposal? Academic, government or industry? We have ideas.
  • Managing consortium applications: When you want to apply for a large consortium grant but you do not want to spend time managing such a big group, we can help.
  • Compliance: When applying for a grant, you have to make sure all financial and legal boxes are ticked. This can be a rigorous and lengthy process. We have the expertise to take this out of your hands and make sure everything is compliant with what the funding agency requires.
  • Checking and submitting: For large grants you have to make sure all the files have the right lay-out, do not exceed amount of pages, and contain all necessary information. And then you still have to upload all this information to the submission system. We can help you with this time-consuming process.
  • Second chance: Did you apply for a grant that was not awarded? This can be very off-putting but is also an opportunity. We know ways to re-use your previous grants and sculpt it into a proposal that will have a bigger chance the next time.
  • Career advice: Need some help in finding out what the best next step will be in your scientific career? We can help you make a short or long-term funding plan.

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