Expand your Horizon with Artificial Intelligence grant opportunities


The year 2020 has started, and with it the last grant year of Horizon 2020 (H2020). The H2020 programme is a European grant programme for innovation and research. In total, another € 11 billion will be made available this last year for entrepreneurs in Europe who are committed to research and development in various policy areas.

Europe wants to play a leading role in the field of artificial intelligence (A.I.). That is why an important Horizon 2020 theme this year is “Digitisation and transformation of European industry and services“. Within this policy area, there are a number of funding opportunities in the field of ICT innovation and/or research aimed at artificial intelligence.

The Digitisation and Transformation of European Industry and Services theme for 2020 focuses on the following calls:

  • Robotics in Application – Areas and Coordination & Support: This call focuses on four topics:
    • A.I. and cognition: A.I. provides tools to make systems cognitive, in which cognition enables robots to interact safely.
    • Cognitive mechatronics: mechatronic systems (combination of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, measurement and control engineering and control technology) in which detection and activation are closely linked to cognitive systems.
    • Social cooperative human-robot interaction: cooperative human-robot interaction is crucial in many work environments.
    • Model-based design and configuration tools: the large-scale deployment of robotics in application areas where tasks need to be defined by the user.
  • RIA (Research and Innovation Action) – boosting Promising Robotics Applications: Innovative applications of robotics in promising new areas are encouraged within this call. Proposals are expected to provide substantially improved solutions to challenging technical problems. This is especially with a view to acceptance in applications with a high socio-economic impact and a low ecological footprint.
  • Artificial Intelligence on demand platform: In the past, a collaborative online laboratory for artificial intelligence (A.I.) was created by a French SME. The aim of this call is to bring together a consortium consisting of partners such as IT infrastructure companies, human-machine interface specialists and research centres who wish to share their knowledge with society via the platform.
  • Smart Hospital of the Future: European health and care systems face a number of challenges related to the ageing of the population. This call therefore focuses on pilot demonstration projects that deliver innovative A.I.-based solutions in a health and care environment such as a hospital, primary care or care home. The pilots should enable or support clinical diagnosis and treatment similar to procedures performed by humans.

What is the deadline for these topics?

The deadline for these topics is 22 April 2020.

Who is this grant for?

Everyone can participate in Horizon 2020: corporations (major, SME and start-ups), universities, colleges, knowledge institutes, (local) governments (municipalities, provinces, water authorities), and NGOs. The most important factor is that there is cooperation in an international context and that the consortium’s objectives and the innovation meet the programme’s requirements (see: calls for proposal).

Matching a suitable theme to your specific project can be challenging and depends on various factors, including your ambitions. Furthermore, it is important to consider who is involved in the project and what the ultimate goal of the project is.

At Evers + Manders, we help organisations in these early phases of a grant application. Together we will look at the possibilities and subsequently we will provide you with a well-considered tailored advice during which we will be open towards you about the possibilities. We believe it is paramount that the selected call, if it results in a grant application, fits with your goals, wishes and strategy.

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