Evers + Manders services go much further than you think

E+M helpt strategisch doel bereiken

It’s strange to be surprised, as I was, when a fairly new colleague tells you that many clients think that we only support and advise on writing grant applications. That it ends there. That they don’t know that our services go much further than that.

That is quite shocking. When I see how busy my colleagues are with follow-up activities after an approved application, it’s quite confronting that not everyone knows about Evers + Manders extended services. We should bring that to client’s attention more often, both via our communication channels and also during direct contacts with our clients.

Interreg and LIFE

For example the guidance processes once the application has been granted. It is, of course, the crowning glory of your work as a grant consultant if the application you have worked on is honoured. But that is not the end of it! Then it only starts!

Think of large Dutch, regional and European programmes such as Interreg and LIFE, where the administrative obligations are complex. Great grant programmes, but with sometimes complicated requirements for the implementation of the project. And where interim reports are also part of the project, as well as monitor visits.

How convenient would it be if our grant consultants, who know the project inside out, can support you as our customer with these aspects? After all, they have dealt with the issue many times before. They know what to expect, because they have ample experience with it.

Strategic Objectives

Finally, your goal is not to obtain the grant. Achieving your organisation’s strategic objectives with the help of the obtained grant is the goal. And we are happy to help you reach that goal!

Would you like to receive information about what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us, so that we can inform you personally. Aa we will do so with great enthusiasm!


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