An innovative 2022 with MOOI

MOOI regeling die innovaties stimuleren om CO2 te reduceren

From 1 April 2022 onwards, applications can be submitted for the new round of the grant programme Mission Driven Research, Development and Innovation (MOOI, in Dutch). The goal of this programme is to stimulate innovations that contribute to CO2 reduction in the Netherlands, in order to achieve the climate agreement. A total budget of €66.4 million is available for this round.

The MOOI programme encompasses three missions, each with a number of innovation themes. For each of these innovation themes, detailed research and development directions are described.


MissionBudgetInnovation ThemesExamples of research and development directions
Electricity€21 million* Offshore wind energy
* Floating solar parks at sea
* Power generation on large roofs and infrastructure
* Affordability
* Scalability
* Facilitating multiple use of space
Built environment€24,4 million* So-called "regret-free" renovations (i.e. anticipating a gas-free future)
* Sustainable collective heating systems
* Energy efficiency
* Serial approach to sustainability
* Efficient cooperation along the value chain
* Standardisation
Industry€21 million* Process innovations through electrification of high-temperature heat supply
* Production of sustainable and circular bulk and platform chemicals
* Sustainability
* Reduced environmental pressure
* Efficient use of raw materials

Who Can Apply?

MOOI is intended for interdisciplinary partnerships that consist of at least 3 partners that:

  • are not linked to each other as a group;
  • cover multiple positions within the chain (e.g., science and industry, suppliers, customers, users, and local parties).


There must be a cross-sectoral approach, with attention for social support and acceptance of the innovations, for example in terms of affordability and practical usability. An innovation must make a concrete and relatively short-term positive contribution to the climate objectives. In the case of the Electricity and Energy missions, the first application must take place within 10 years after the start of the project (i.e., no later than 2032). Within the mission Built Environment, this should even be within 5 years.

Applications must include an innovation plan with concrete, SMART milestones.

Eligible Costs

  • Per project: minimum €2 million and maximum €4 million (for the Built environment mission, this is €7 million).
  • Research organisations may not incur more than 50% of the total eligible costs.
  • The requested grant amounts to a minimum of €25,000 per consortium partner.

Grant rates

For companies, these can comprise both economic and non-economic activities. For research institutions, only non-economic activities are eligible, and a grant rate of 65% applies. For other participants, the maximum grant rate is 50% for industrial research and 25% for experimental development.

The percentages mentioned above can be further increased. Medium-sized enterprises receive +10% and small enterprises +20%. 

The Application

The application consists of two phases:

  • Pre-application: 1 April to 19 April 2022.
  • Full application: June to 6 September 2022

In June, the candidates who qualify for the second phase will be announced. During the second phase, the grant is awarded according to the first-come-first-serve principle.

E+M Services

Are you considering submitting a MOOI application in 2022? Then now is a good time to contact us for advice and support.

We can assist you in finding the best possible match between your innovative idea and the research and development directions described in the MOOI programme. We also advise on the optimal consortium composition and the highest possible percentage.


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